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PhilosophyOnline is not a university, an organisation, a collection of individuals, or a group-mind; it's just me, Gareth Southwell. Whilst not as impressive, this does have its benefits: I tend to get my own way a lot, and can more or less take my lunch-breaks whenever I feel like. The site began in 2000 as a means of supporting my students, but now represents my three main interests: philosophy, writing and art. For more information, please check out the links on the main menu above.

Threadless T-shirt Submission

I've just submitted a design for the Threadless t-shirt site. Designs which receive enough support get printed. Please take a moment to register, vote, comment and share by going here: http://www.threadless.com/submission/451743/Replicant/
Thank you!

Caricature Calendar Crowdfunding Project 2013

Once again, I'm running a caricature calendar project over at Ulule.com. All supporters of the project are eligible for rewards - ranging from votes as to who goes into the calendar, bookmarks, postcards, original art - and, of course, calendars! To find out more, go here: http://www.ulule.com/2013/


Descartes Materials Updated

The keen eyed among you may have noticed that I have finished updating the Descartes study materials. I have not only moved them over into the new format (which I think is quite snazzy, incidentally), but revised them in the process (removing typos, adding and amending content, etc). The difference isn't huge, but I think they're now better overall. Please let me know what you think, and if you come across any errors, etc.

The Trickledown Effect

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