About PhilosophyOnline

PhilosophyOnline is not a university, an organisation, a collection of individuals, or a group-mind; it's just me, Gareth Southwell. Whilst not as impressive, this does have its benefits: I tend to get my own way a lot, and can more or less take my lunch-breaks whenever I feel like. The site began in 2000 as a means of supporting my students, but now represents my three main interests: philosophy, writing and art. For more information, please check out the links on the main menu above. To find out more about me, see the About me link on the left.

The aim of the philosophy materials here is to provide an accessible introduction for anyone looking for a no-nonsense guide to the subject. The material covers some of the central themes of philosophy, a few of its key texts, relevant links, and various other bits of useful information. Much of it supplements material in my published books. I add to these sections occasionally, but my main efforts these days are directed toward writing and art.

Incidentally, thanks to everyone who has supported the site over the years, and especially to those who have taken time to pass on their comments, suggestions, and general appreciation. Such messages are always welcome, and you can contact me via this website. However, if you have a question, please check out the FAQs section before contacting me.

Gareth Southwell