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Developing the site with Patreon

The site has been in a bit of a lull for a while now. Partly, this has been due to other work commitments - I've been concentrating on my illustration work, developing a graphic novel, and otherwise doing all the boring money-related casual work that ensures my children don't starve. However, I recently discovered Patreon, a sort of crowdfunding site, which gave me an idea as to how to develop PO and get things moving.

Freud Graphic Novel

It's been a long time since I last posted here - my apologies, and I shall do my best to remedy. In case you haven't heard (I've been posting this on Twitter and Facebook, etc, but had forgotten to include my own website!), I'm currently developing a graphic novel in collaboration with Danish-American academic Berit Brogaard. It's about Freud. You can read more about it on the dedicated page on my art website.

Threadless T-shirt Submission

I've just submitted a design for the Threadless t-shirt site. Designs which receive enough support get printed. Please take a moment to register, vote, comment and share by going here: http://www.threadless.com/submission/451743/Replicant/
Thank you!

Caricature Calendar Crowdfunding Project 2013

Once again, I'm running a caricature calendar project over at Ulule.com. All supporters of the project are eligible for rewards - ranging from votes as to who goes into the calendar, bookmarks, postcards, original art - and, of course, calendars! To find out more, go here: http://www.ulule.com/2013/


Descartes Materials Updated

The keen eyed among you may have noticed that I have finished updating the Descartes study materials. I have not only moved them over into the new format (which I think is quite snazzy, incidentally), but revised them in the process (removing typos, adding and amending content, etc). The difference isn't huge, but I think they're now better overall. Please let me know what you think, and if you come across any errors, etc.

New Site Design

After years of doing my own web design, or paying someone else, I've finally opted for the middle ground and switched to a content mangagement system (namely, Drupal). Like Wordpress, it supplies lots of templates and plugins that allow you to upload and mangage content easily. Hopefully, this will mean that I'll be able to update things more often.

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