Developing the site with Patreon

The site has been in a bit of a lull for a while now. Partly, this has been due to other work commitments - I've been concentrating on my illustration work, developing a graphic novel, and otherwise doing all the boring money-related casual work that ensures my children don't starve. However, I recently discovered Patreon, a sort of crowdfunding site, which gave me an idea as to how to develop PO and get things moving.

The idea of Patreon is to fund people not projects. Unlike Kickstarter, supporters give money so that their favourite creators can carry on being creative (as opposed to pay for development costs for a particular book, film, etc). Since I'm a multi-disciplinarian (I do lots of things), I thought this would suit me. Small monthly contributions, starting at £0.60/$1, would enable me to continue writing, drawing, tutoring, etc, without any individual having to shell out lots of money. It would also enable me to develop PhilosophyOnline, and to revamp and improve the materials that are currently here, whilst continuing to ensure that they are FREE. I could also offer various levels of support and tutoring. If you value this website, and would like to see it improve and grow, then head over to my Patreon account ( and take a look. All you need is a Paypal account (and you don't even need that in the US). I've got various projects ongoing - check out my illustration website also ( - and let me know your thoughts (suggestions as to developments for the site, rewards and milestones I could add to Patreon, etc, are all welcome).

All the best,

Gareth Southwell.


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