The Trickledown Effect


But, why does he resist the natural inclination to move? Obviously he is preparing the umbrella sometime before the "gross" event. There is something like, I don't know, enormously absurd about the level of determination precisely when we reflect on this claustrophobic limit as our own fate. 

Hi Zog,
Thanks for your comment. Obviously, it's just a cartoon, and the main focus of the joke is the pun ('trickledown effect'). So, we don't need to read too much into the motivation of the characters, whether it's plausible that one is carrying an umbrella, or that he doesn't move, etc. But if you want to be more philosophical about it, we should note that the absurd is a key feature of comedy, and humour can help highlight those aspects of life which seem absurd or pointless - though this wasn't the purpose of this particular cartoon. Maybe the next one!

Thank you for your material, Gareth! As a newly arrived lecturer at the University I consider your texts very helpful. I've copied some pictures (illusions) and showed to my students, the whole group was very excited to see and understand them.

I dream about my free hours to read your books online!

Many thanks, Denys! I'm glad to hear the materials are useful. However, some of the online materials are a bit old, now, and need revising, so please don't rely on them too heavily.