Theory of Knowledge





The following essay titles are examples of the type of essay you may be asked to answer in the AQA exam (apart from the essay titles on scepticism, which are based on the old AEB format).

Note that there is no essay question on Empiricism and Rationalism as this is not directly examined. However, the issues raised in that part of the module should be addressed in any answer for an essay in the other three sections.


  1. Examine the extent to which sceptical arguments prevent us from claiming knowledge about the recent and distant past.

2. Assess the implications of the argument from illusion for our knowledge of the external world.

Total: 45 marks (please answer all questions).

1. Briefly explain the view that our senses only inform us about how things seem. (6 marks).

2. Outline and illustrate two arguments which might be used to support a representative theory of perception. (15 marks).

3. Assess the case for naïve realism. (24 marks).

  Definition of Knowledge  
Total: 45marks (please answer all questions).

1. Identify and illustrate two ways in which beliefs may be justified. (6 marks)

2. Outline and illustrate the role of justification in distinguishing between knowledge and true belief. (15 marks)

3. Assess the view that knowledge is true justified belief. (24 marks)

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