Theory of Knowledge




  What Will We Be Studying?


In the following sections we will look at many of the main issues and problems in TOK and we will consider how philosophers over the ages have attempted to answer them. Throughout our survey we will always try and relate these problems to everyday life so as to make the ideas more real. Although this will sometimes be difficult or not always possible, most of the time it will allow us to clarify and understand the theories better.

Some of the main issues we will be covering are:

· What possible reasons might make us doubt our knowledge?
· Is it possible to justify our knowledge with experience or rational proof?
· What is knowledge? Can it be defined?
· By what means do we come to know the world?

At the end of each section there will be an assignment or questions to help you work through the ideas for yourself. Sometimes this will involve you doing some research and extra reading using the Internet, journals or books; sometimes it may involve making notes or answering questions on a video you have been asked to watch; sometimes it may involve simply sitting down and trying to question your own experience so that you can establish your own viewpoint.

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