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Aside from philosophy, my other interest is illustration. I do the covers and interior illustrations for the philosophy books that I am publishing with Wiley-Blackwell, but have also published work with magazines in Europe, the US, and Australia. You can see more of my work on Warmtoast Cafe or DeviantArt. If you are interested in buying any original artwork for your wall, then please visit my Etsy shop (or see below). All prices are in US dollars ($), but this can be changed (everything is posted from the UK). A rough guide to current conversion rates can be found here: If there is something in particular that you are interested in that is not there, then please contact me to see if it is still available.

Commissions and Commercial Use

If you wish to commission artwork, or want to use an already existing illustration for a commercial purpose, then please contact me with details, using the form on this site.


In a desperate attempt to survive the Credit Crunch (or in fact, any crunch – ‘crunch’ isn’t generally a good word, is it? Unless, of course, it’s some sort of delicious biscuity snack…), I have decided to offer some of my artwork for sale. I will gradually be increasing the range of products – currently there are t-shirts, prints, and mugs, but I will eventually add calendars and postcards. In the process of trawling the various merchandising sites, I must admit to being fleetingly tempted, when faced with the mind-boggling array of apparel and novelty items, to consider the more exotic possibilities: ‘Cartesian Photo Sculptures’, ‘Platonic Bumper Stickers’, or even – dare I let the thought enter my head? – ‘Nietzschean Thongs’. However, propriety eventually won out, and I shall make do with only slightly cheapening the memory of these great minds with my tacky commercial opportunism.


These are currently available in a few selected designs (which will increase over time). The items currently in the shop are all available in the same basic economy value design for men. However, there are options to put the design on other styles (ladies' and children's), other sizes and quality of material, so feel free to play around (simply click on the item that takes your fancy, and then click on "select a different shirt style" - but remember, the design is intended for light colours, and doesn't show up well on, um, black...). Here are a few example designs (more are on the way):

These can be purchased from Zazzle:

However, whichever site you order from the shipping will be the same, and you can change the currency to whatever you please.

Also be aware that, whilst I am responsible for the designs, Zazzle is responsible for the quality of the merchandise, shipping, payment, packaging, etc., so questions to do with those issues should be directed to them.

If you have any ideas for t-shirts or other merchandise (quotes, etc.), then you are welcome to contact me – as long as you end up buying the result, of course!

Other Products

As stated above, I am probably only going to sell prints of artwork, postcards, and possibly mugs. I am not looking to make PhilosophyOnline a brand name, or the next thing in ‘cool’, but simply trying to subsidise my interest in philosophy without completely selling out - man! These will be added over the next few months, so keep checking back.


Here are some free desktop wallpapers in some common resolutions (please let me know if you desperately want one and your size isn't here).

Freud Wallpaper

Nietzsche Wallpaper

Russell Wallpaper

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