I am currently writing a series of introductory philosophy books for Blackwell. These are aimed at students and general readers, and are intended to provide accessible guides to key philosophical themes and texts. For more information, see the My Books section below.

My aim is to publish regular reviews of philosophy books that are suitable for students or the general reader. As such, you are welcome to send me books for review. For more information, and all reviews to date, see the Reviews section below.

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L = Layperson - This book will appeal to those with no specific knowledge of philosophy (this does not mean that it is 'easy', or 'for dummies', but merely that you don't need to have studied philosophy to find it interesting or enjoyable). A = A-level student (UK)/Freshman (US) - This book will be useful for those studying philosophy. It assumes that you will want a certain level of detail and coverage of the subject, and that you are not just reading it for pleasure. However, it is still an introductory text. U = Undergraduate - Generally, a book of this type will provide more detail and be more challenging than a beginner's guide. So, it will either assume some previous knowledge, or else treat the subject in a way that will be useful for more in-depth study. As such, it will be most suitable for those who have aleady read an introductory text, are fairly familiar with the general nature of the subject, and are looking to develop their understanding further. D = Detailed study at degree level. Books of this type are generally quite hard, and - because of their level of detail and depth of argument - are not suitable for beginners or as introductions to the subject. However, they may still be useful for those who have become familiar with the topic in question, and wish to delve deeper (perhaps in search of advanced criticism or clarification of difficult points). Descartes Nietzsche Theory of Knowledge Philosophy of Mind Miscellaneous

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