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René Descartes's Meditations on the First Philosophy is undeniably one of the most important works in Western philosophy. First published in 1641, it contains the bulk of Descartes's central philosophical opinions, making it an ideal introduction to the founding father of modern philosophy.

A Beginner's Guide to Descartes's Meditations offers a concise and readable summary of the Meditations, geared toward students embarking on their studies (at A-level, or on undergraduate degree courses) and general readers. Well illustrated with tables, diagrams, and images, it provides a clear explanation of the seventeenth century text's central themes, ideas, and terminology. The guide balances critical analyses of Descartes's main arguments with discussion of his correspondence with his contemporaries (the Objections and Replies) and subsequent criticism. It also provides references to further readings, films, and literature that contain similar philosophical themes. A glossary of difficult terms and relevant biographical and historical information make A Beginner's Guide to Descartes's Meditations an ideal companion for those new to the study of philosophy.


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