Philosophy Study Resources

Here you will find various materials to help with the understanding of key philosophical themes and texts - for both the student and the general reader. At the moment, there are two annotated texts (Descartes's Meditations and Nietzsche's Beyond Good And Evil) and three key themes (Theory of knowledge, Philosophy of Religion, and Philosophy of Mind). However, this will continue to grow over the coming months (and years...) and you should check back occasionally to see what is new.

For the near future, as the site is being redesigned, the old material will still be available. However, when using or citing this material, please bear in mind that it will soon be replaced, and that one or two of the links may not work properly. Clicking on links to any of the old material will open up a new window (so, to return to this page, simply close that window).

If you have any comments about any of the material on here, have spotted any errors, or simply wish to tell me what a good job I'm doing and would I like some money, then please contact me using the form provided.

Descartes's Meditations Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil Theory of Knowledge Philosophy of Religion Philosophy of Mind

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